Elsie’s Story: Chasing a Family Mystery Now Available

book cover from Kira-smallHard to believe after all these years, but I have Elsie’s Story in hand, the result of decades of research in material form. Part memoir and part detective tale, the book relates a lengthy search for answers to the mysterious death of my Aunt Elsie [Green] Woodson in 1960.

What happened to Aunt Elsie? Was her death an accident, suicide, or murder? And what had happened to Uncle Roy’s first wife?

Haunted by Elsie’s death in a northern Wisconsin tavern, I embarked on what would turn out to be a decades-long search using journalistic inquiry, family history research, and even hypnosis . The quest led to secrets, surprises, and, finally, a solution.

The book is available at http://henschelhausbooks.com/. It can also be ordered from bookstores and there’s a Kindle edition on Amazon. It appears thanks to enormous help and encouragement received from many folks over the years.