A Lesson from Cats and Dogs

One time or another, most cat and dog hosts (we’re surely not owners) have seen this behavior: the beloved feline or canine stares pointedly at the leash, the closed door to the outside world, or the crock full of treats — fixated on what they want.Until they get it, which they usually do.

This is my reminder for the day, to focus on what I want and not drag myself away from goals with analysis, anxiety, or worry about worst-case scenarios. Besides, there’s no fun in that. It’s the prospect of gifts to come that elicits purrs.


Changes can at first be so hard to believe. Soon a green cloak of invisibility will enshroud our cabin in the woods and birds will flit unseen through leaves of oak, maple, and elm.

Explore Wisconsin Rivers

Published by Trails Books in 2008, Explore Wisconsin Rivers, was a joy to write and an adventure to research with my husband, Michael H. Knight, and our black Labrador, Rumpus.

From the 40-mile-long Montreal to the 430-mile Wisconsin, we explored the rich history, geography and people of the state’s stellar streams, including all of its boundary rivers. We shared what we learned about the largely urban Milwaukee, the scenic St. Croix, the wild Wolf and more than a dozen other rivers. We traveled along these streams by canoe, trail, car, train, and paddle wheeler, and learned where to watch sturgeon spawn, where to spot trumpeter swans, and how to find secluded waterfalls and riverside campsites.



Elsie’s Elegy: A Quest for Closure

Haunted by her aunt Elsie’s death in 1960, niece Doris Green searches for family skeletons and finds genealogical clues to how Elsie died at a northern Wisconsin tavern. The author seeks an answer to a murder-vs.-suicide debate through a mash-up of journalistic inquiry, family history research, and alternative ways of knowing such as astrology and hypnosis. Stay tuned for the rest of the story...