Secrets Unbound

When unraveling your family’s past, there are bound to be surprises. This past summer, the Washington Post covered the discovery of Alice Collins Plebuch. When she took a DNA test to learn about her roots, the results revealed a bloodline only half descended from the expected British Isles.

After years of  research, involving the analysis of hundreds of other DNA tests, Plebuch proved that her father, born in 1913, had been switched with another baby in the hospital. The man so proud of his Irish heritage (“Danny Boy” was sung at his funeral) had actually been European Jewish, Middle Eastern and Eastern European. Kudos to Plebuch for sticking with a challenging search!

Though longer, my  search for closure following my Aunt Elsie’s death seemed equally astounding, at least, to me. Stay tuned.

A book has its own destiny.

Last year, I optimistically began this blog, believing that the story about my Aunt Elsie’s mysterious death in a northern Wisconsin tavern was about to be born. But, no, not quite then.

The book is closer to publication this fall. There’s a new, final chapter, added to incorporate yet another surprising, out-of-the-blue discovery, as well as a revised title. More important, there’s a publisher. Henschel Haus, Milwaukee, is completing the design and final details, so that Elsie’s Story: Chasing a Family Mystery will finally be available later this year.